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Legal Information

The server contains the pages constituting my private homepage. All pages were written by me, Colin Hirsch.

The contents published here are not statements of the RWTH Aachen.

Some hyperlinks reference pages on other servers. I am not responsible for contents of pages on other servers.

Send any complaints, praise, suggestions and remarks to Colin Hirsch.

All ftp and http requests on mystic are logged including date, time and ip address. The logfiles are kept several months.

No logfile is ever sent to any third party. The purpose of keeping a log is to get a feedback on how many people visit my site and for debugging and tracing purposes in case of problems.

Technical Information


Mystic is built together from some older hardware.

  • Intel i486DX/4-100
  • Asus PCI/I-486SP3G
  • 32 MB FPM DRAM
  • NCR 53c810
  • 2 GB Quantum XP32150 "Atlas"
  • 3COM 3C905 "Boomerang"

This is the software keeping up the internet services.


This is the software used to create these pages.


My pages do not contain any of the following.

  • Java
  • JavaScript
  • Frames
  • ActiveX
  • animated GIFs
  • Shockwave Flash

This site is best experienced with Lynx at 80x50 (or greater) text mode or graphical browsers at 1024x768 (or greater) resolution and "thousands" (i.e. 16 bit -- or more) colours.

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