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Research Area

Finite Model Theory, Computational Complexity, Decidability and Complexity.
Current research is centered around guarded logic, bisimulation etc.


List of Publications here at the Research Group.


AAA. The "Aachen Amsterdam Logic Meeting", a half-yearly exchange with the people from the Institute for Logic, Language and Computation of the University of Amsterdam.

AB. There is a collaboration between Aachen and LaBRI in Bordeaux with four meetings alternating in Aachen and Bordeaux, two of which have already taken place.

AFM. The "Aachen Freiburg Mainz Seminar", is a further half-yearly meeting with the people from Mainz and Freiburg working in logic and theoretical computer science.

AGLIDI. The "Working Group on Logic in Computer Science" is a local forum for students, assistants and professors as well as guests and invited speakers to present their work.

Other Areas

Graph Drawing

Participant of the research seminar on graph drawing held by the German Gesellschaft für Informatik in 1999.

Cellular Phone Networks

Student job at the Dept. of Stochastics developing and implementing channel allocation algorithms for GSM networks.

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