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Colin Hirsch

Personal Details

NameColin Hirsch
Date of Birth1975-01-08
Place of BirthVienna, Austria
Height192 cm
Weight76 Kg


1981 - 1984 Alternative school in Vienna, Austria
1984 - 1985 State school in Kautzen, Austria
1985 - 1993 State school in Hannover, Germany
  • Member of the local red cross youth group.
  • Member of the pupil's council.
  • Member of the school choir.
1993 German "Abitur"
1993 Job as bicycle courier
1993 - 1998 Student of major computer science, minor mathematics at RWTH Aachen
  • Student job: Lab course mathematical logic.
  • Student job: Design and implementation of a channel allocation algorithm for GSM mobile phone networks.
1998 German "Diplom" in Computer Science
1998 - Research and teaching assistant; Ph.D. student at RWTH Aachen
Administrator of the Linux based institute network & firewall


Life, Nature, Music, Reading, Bicycling & Sports, Philosophy & Metaphysics & Psychology, Computers & Internet, ...


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